Case Study #1: Lords of Xulima

Case Study #1: Lords of Xulima

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Lords of Xulima

Title: Lords of Xulima

Developer: Numantian Games

Release date: 2014

Genre: RPG

Type of translation: fan translation

Year of localization: 2015

Platform: PC

Words translated: 5000+


I have a special bond with this game because it was my first game localization. Besides personal feelings, being this a fan translation didn’t get me into the rush to meet the deadline, but it was an interesting project nonetheless. My translation was reviewed by professional translators. The game itself was interesting to play.


  • No specific or tight deadlines to meet
  • The translation was easy to check thanks to the fact that the game was already published
  • Dialogues and in-game descriptions were flowing and consistent, the names easy to localize
  • I was assigned for the most part to dialogues and descriptions, so I didn’t need to worry about text overflowing or overlapping since the interface was quite spacious


  • I couldn’t upload the text into a CAT tool. I had to edit the translation with Notepad++ (example here) and manually search for all the text to translate. Luckily, Notepad++ has a sort of consistency check, even though the use of a CAT tool would’ve made my work easier
  • No professional LQA (Language Quality Assessment)
  • I didn’t have feedback from the developers


Despite being a quite “immature” translation, I still like it. Even though I’m aware I would translate it differently now, it may be interesting to see the evolution of my skills ever since.


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