Case Study #3: Luckslinger

Case Study #3: Luckslinger

luckslinger duckbridge action video game

Title: Luckslinger

Developer: Duckbridge

Release date: 2015

Genre: action

Type of translation: full localization

Year of localization: 2019

Platform: PC

Words translated: 5500+


Luckslinger is a western-based adventure game about a gunslinger who defeats the villains pestering a city by using guns, luck charms, and a duck. It was very fun to translate the dialogues. All the texts, including the UI, have this spaghetti western taste I loved (even though I’m not into this movie genre). I also did the LQA testing.


  • Challenging on the linguistic side: the spaghetti western flavor had to be kept untouched, and there were many references to this movie genre;
  • Moreover, the Sheriff uses a drunk talk that was very funny to translate, as I also had to keep it understandable
  • I worked with the publisher, and they were helpful, nice people who knew the game by the heart and were able to answer my queries quickly and thoroughly


  • Some small issues between the localization and the testing phase, but not a big deal. It may happen.


I loved working on this game and to give an Italian voice to the various characters. Maintaining the western flavor was challenging, not being passionate about the genre and having this latter a specific vocabulary and style. The LQA testing went well and, thanks to its very good development, I had to do only a few changes to my first localization to amend text overflowing, overlaps, etc.


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