Case Study #4: Century Siege:

Case Study #4: Century Siege:

Title: Century Siege: TD Battles

Developer: WhataGoober

Release date: 2019

Genre: strategic mobile game

Type of translation: full localization

Year of localization: 2019

Platform: Android, iOS

Words translated: 4300+



I loved to translate this game. I loved the references and the humor, and I had great fun while working on it. My aim here was to deliver both the humor and great game experience. Mobile games are usually also casual games, so having fun while playing them is critical.


  • Clear instructions from the client
  • Tags were clear most of the time
  • The game is funny, and boredom can kill a localization sometimes
  • Challenging localization of names and abilities


  • Being a mobile game, text overflowing was to be taken into account
  • The game was not available for the Italian stores at the time, so I wasn’t able to play it before working on the translation. I still managed to avoid any risk of overflowing or overlapping by watching online videos
  • When tags were not clear, I tried to stick to the original as much as I could


Knowing how localization and mobile games work is of uttermost importance in these cases. Also, knowing the vocabulary for strategy games is of great help. In general, being a gamer and having a particular sensitivity to wordplay and/or humor allowed me to deliver a localization as funny as the original text was.

Hiring an unaware or non-specialized translator might be a risk, so the best you can do is to rely on a professional who knows the drill and have a game-related experience, both professionally and first-hand.


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