Case Study #6: Hidden Saga: Xamadeon Stone

Case Study #6: Hidden Saga: Xamadeon Stone

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Hidden Saga: Xamadeon Stone

Title: Hidden Saga: Xamadeon Stone

Developers: Halit Büyükyılmaz, Kaan Kurtuluş

Release date: 2019

Genre: puzzle game

Type of translation: full localization

Year of localization: 2019

Platform: PC

Words translated: 3600+

Disclaimer: due to the COVID-19 Italian situation, some of my posts may be delayed. I’m sure you’ll understand that right now I need to prioritize my personal life and my work as a translator over this blog – alas! I live in a high-risk area and must take super careful measures to “stay negative” (I never thought I could say this without sounding pessimistic 🤣). Maybe I’ll dedicate a post to “living as a translator under COVID emergency”.

But let’s get back to business.


Hidden Saga is a puzzle game where you should progress through mini-games and riddles to bring back colors to your world. Its defining feature is its graphics, completely hand-drawn. Fun fact: you will find the translators’ portraits and names in the credit section.

For the game to be playable, riddles must be localized – that is, knowing the answer, the translator must find an equivalent riddle with the same answer instead of translating word-by-word –  and mini-games’ instruction handled with great care.


  • Halit was a pleasure to work with. His availability and readiness to answer queries and send screenshots made my work a lot easier.
  • He was open to suggestions and advice on the linguistic side of the game.
  • The game was fun to translate and the story enjoyable, although very simple.
  • The fact that it is a puzzle game made the translation process challenging because of the riddles’ localization and instructions’ translation.


  • When I stepped in, part of the game had already been translated by someone who wasn’t a professional translator. I had to re-translate most of it because of inaccuracies, mistranslations, and other stuff I won’t mention here. Even when you’re working on a low budget, always check credentials before entrusting someone with your game! It’s critical!
  • Being originally written in Turkish, the English translation was sometimes unclear, but Halit answered any queries I asked and solved any doubts.


Puzzle games are great to play, but they need extra care when it comes to translation/localization. I already talked about it here and it cannot be overstated, but I’ll write a dedicated article very soon just to be sure you’ll understand the importance of relying on a professional translator 😁

Also, if you’re a gamer, trust small indie developers. They can produce good games and always need honest feedback.


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