Where work and gaming meet: Gaming keypads and their use in game localization

Where work and gaming meet: Gaming keypads and their use in game localization

These years, I managed to buy several devices I could use for both working and gaming. So, last week this guy arrived at my home and became the new member of my desk family.

Redragon K585

Many gamers know keypads for being a great help in gaming, in particular when you’re like me and suck at mouse and keyboard – more keyboard than the mouse, actually – or you need some extra room on your desk when gaming. Since I recently localized a game and the developer was so nice to gift me a Steam key, I realized I liked it very much, but that using the keyboard was compulsory. So, time for a change.

A friend of mine lent me their Razer Tartarus, which is the top among keypads, so they say, but it was too big for my tiny hands. So, after some research, I found this one. And it is amazing.

But how do I use it for work? By setting up macros and keys. In case you don’t know, macros are multi-key commands, and by binding it to a single key, you make that key to perform the action you programmed. You see where this is going, don’t you?

I use both MemoQ and Trados, and their shortcuts are not always so “short.” Why press 3+ keys at the same time, maybe also far from one another, when you can press just one? For example, on Trados, you must press ctrl+alt+1(TN) to insert tags. So uncomfortable. Thanks to this guy, I only have to press a single key. It’s life-changing, believe me.

I set up the shortcuts I use the most, like ctrl+enter to confirm segments, closer to my main keyboard. Then, I used other macros to program other frequently used shortcuts, like tag insertionTM search, termbase management (I love termbases, sorry not sorry🤣), or copy source.

This way, I stress my hands and arms less too, and that means fewer aches in the long term – because no one wants to get a carpal tunnel eventually, right?

In case you’re wondering what my current desk setup is:

  • A very old desk I’ll change next week for a more comfy one;
  • A gaming chair with back support;
  • My beloved laptop, an MSI GL-63 8RD;
  • Aukey mechanical keyboard (blue OUTEMU switches);
  • Ludos gaming mouse;
  • An XXL mouse mat.

It’s still a work in progress since my current location is temporary, though.

In conclusion, the work of translation and gaming have something in common: they need a super comfy workstation. Since you’re spending a lot of time sitting and doing things with your hands (no, I don’t mean that), your back must be in the right position, and so must your hands. What they say about posture and aches, it is all true. Tell my osteopath about it. So, be careful and choose wisely.

And buy a keypad, they’re freaking awesome.

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