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Localization of UI, dialogues, long and short descriptions.


Localization of store description, UI, and app contents.


Localization of UI, contents, products (if you have a shop).

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Includes proofreading, review and post-editing of existing translations.

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Some of my favorite adventures and how I rolled them.

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OFF THE RECORD ( undergoing ) by Eight Bit Skyline

I run the full localization of this very nice indie game by Eight Bit Skyline. It is developed with Unity engine, which is definitely fitter for my purposes.

The dialogues are very well written. You really need to fully play the game in all of its option to properly translate it, but in general in these cases it’s not a big deal as you are in touch with developer and the game is of short length.

As for Lords of Xulima, the dialogue file couldn’t be imported into any CAT tools and was only to be edited in Notepad++.


PROVIDENCE ( undergoing ) by Eight Bit Skyline

I proofread the Italian localization of this short indie video game by mutual consent with the developer. What I noticed were the sometime poor localization (such as the use of typical English expressions which are not in use in the Italian language, suggesting a literal translation rather than a pure localization), and in particular the accent display errors. Accents are always an issue not easy to solve when it comes to English or American developed engines, as in English there aren’t accents in use. As a consequence, they are usually not well displayed unless some tricky trick to use when implementing the dialogue file into the game (it’s part of the so called monolingual bias, I’ll talk about it more extensively on my blog). If the linguist is not aware of this problem, they might not think of it during the testing phase and subsequently find a way to solve this problem.

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LORDS OF XULIMA by Numantian Games

I worked on about 7700 lines of the localization file, exported and provided by community. The localization was subsequently used by the developers as the official Italian localization on Steam, where it’s still available.

My portion of the project was pretty smooth to translate and didn’t show any kind of difficulties. However, playing the game was fundamental to understand the context. But that’s pretty common in video game localization.

The file couldn’t be imported into any CAT tools without damaging the coding, so the main issue was with inconsistencies: I had to manually write down a little glossary to avoid them. Fortunately, Notepad++ is very easy to use, although its suggestion system is quite simple, and so somehow unfit for this kind of work.

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Background Story

Where I come from and where I wanna go.

Hello, my name is Elena and I’m a translator currently based in Lombardy, Italy.

Welcome to my website, where you can find the services I offer to your business, my portfolio to let you check some interesting projects I’ve worked on, and my blog.

But what about me? If we must build a business relationship based on trust, there are things about me you need to know.

First, I’m a gamer — no news. I’m an app user — no news as well. I’m even a web surfer! Well… this is not why I can help you with your needs.

I’m your person when you’re looking for someone skilled in putting together terminology, a natural use of language, and good at writing.

Terminology is the specific language of your product and industry.

A natural use of language is an Italian voice that sounds truly native.

Being good at writing means that I have an extensive command and experience in the use of Italian also in a creative way.

Terminology + language + writing = LocalizationFTW!

Therefore, I can:

  • Give your game an excellent Italian voice, in all its parts.
  • Make your app contents understandable to the Italian user.
  • Bring your website and products to the Italian visitors.

In these three main fields, I’ll translate your product for you. Ask for an estimate!

Character Sheet

Other enjoyable things you may want to know about me.


As a translator, my magic consists in transforming your language into another one. Another primary magic performed is the readability of your new content.

Special Talent

My special talents consist in my excellent command of both my working language (English) and my native language (Italian).

Weapon of choice

My weapon of choice is my proficiency in using translators’ tools (aka CAT tools) and other text editing software.

Animal Companions

I wouldn’t make it without my pets. They really help me having the most brilliant ideas and solutions, with their purring and barking.


Notes worth remembering.

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